Message from Our Leaders

Message from Prof. Muzaherul Huq,
Founder Chairman, PHFBD

Bangladesh has a multi-tiered healthcare delivery system up to the community level. Unfortunately, healthcare is expensive since our people spend more than 72% as an out-of-pocket expenditure (OOP). The main reason is the curative-biased systems compounded with delayed care-seeking behaviors, and lack of treatment compliance because of lifestyle issues and partly due to lower earning capability, where public health approaches can be implemented to bring expected changes in the country’s health system. With these benevolent ideas, Public Health Foundation was formed in Bangladesh, and it has been working on setting an example of the most cost-effective beneficial health approach for Bangladesh. It is a member of the international World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) and a wing of the World Health Organization (WHO). Prominent researchers, academicians, and professionals are involved from home and abroad, aiming to contribute to the country’s health system. I wish all the best for the organization and hope this website gives some important information related to public health so that the audience can benefit.

Message from Dr. Aftab Uddin,
Chairperson, PHFBD

As a Chairperson, I feel so privileged and honored to work for Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh (PHFBD), which is already noted for its philanthropic zeal, nation building aspiration and demonstrated public health leadership in Bangladesh. Within a short span of life, PHFBD becomes an abode for multidisciplinary professionals – not just physicians – from home and abroad, facilitating remarkable development of young public health professionals through capacity building, research, and proactive voluntary services to various target beneficiaries. Undoubtedly, future public health leaders will find PHFBD more conducive as a platform for working and growing together to achieve our common goal of 21st century public health.

Message from Dr. M. Islam Bulbul,
Executive Director, PHFBD

I am honored and humbled to be an Executive Director of PHFBD to work with new public health professionals to serve and educate the community on public health issues. I envision a society where everyone can live healthy and productive lives, regardless of any status quo. Therefore, we strive to work on this vision and want to collaborate with entities with the same goal and committed people who can contribute to achieving the goal. I urge all to support us to mark a significant impact by generating evidence-based pathbreaking work in the public health arena to improve the country’s health system.