• Registration fee: BDT 1000.00
  • 1-year membership fee: BDT 3000.00 [BDT 250 per month]

Lifetime membership fee: BDT 10000.00

Contact person for registration:

Md. Golam Rabbani

Cell: +8801515263443

BKash No. (to send the registration or membership fees) +8801515263443

Terms and Condition

Types of Membership

  1. General Member
  2. Life Member

Membership qualifications

  • Must have a graduate certificate from any discipline;
  • Must read, understand, and agree with the objectives, aims, mission, and vision of the Foundation and
  • Has been approved for membership by the Governing Body of the foundation.

Application for Membership

  • A written application for membership should be submitted to the Treasurer of the foundation mentioning the type of membership.
  • The Treasure will transfer the application to the Governing Body after receiving the application and the membership registration fee.
  • The Governing Body shall decide whether to approve or reject the nomination.
  • The Treasurer will notify the applicant as soon as he receives the decision of the Governing Body.
  • In case of rejection of the membership application, the Treasurer will return the registration fee.
  • If the Governing Body approves the membership application, the Treasurer will notify the applicant and enter the applicant’s name in the Membership Register, the applicant then will become a member of the Foundation. At the same time, the Treasurer will send a membership approval letter with a membership number to the applicant to complete the membership process.
  • Membership registration is BDT1,000 only.

Fees and Subscription

A General Member –

  • Yearly membership fee – BDT 3,000 [comprising of monthly membership fee – BDT 250 monthly]
  • The membership status should be kept alive by clearing up all dues. [If the membership is not renewed for successive 3 months, his/her membership will be revoked, and he/she has to start the membership process again].
  • Should demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, and commitment to the pursuit of phfbd by attending the meetings and events, and by carrying out the assignments bestowed on him/her. ​

A Life Member –

  • One-time membership fee – BDT 10,000.
  • Should demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, and commitment to the pursuit of phfbd by attending the meetings and events, and by carrying out the assignments bestowed on him/her. ​

Associate Member –

  • There is no monthly/ yearly membership fee.
  • The Associate member must have a valid Student ID card.
  • When s/he will no longer be a student, s/he has to be applied to waive the membership fee until entering into professional life. Once s/he will enter professional life, s/he would be considered a general member.

Benefits of being a Member (if applicable)

  • Access to skill-building events and sessions subsidized by phfbd.
  • Develop soft skills like leadership, management skills, and public speaking by engaging yourself in different national, regional, and international events.
  • Gather experience and develop competency by organizing exciting events such as medical camps, screening campaigns, health education sessions, meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Build networks with eminent national and international public health figures.
  • Attend conferences, round-table discussions, policy dialogues, seminars, and workshops.
  • Receive information on scholarships, course offerings, research opportunities, publications, etc.
  • You may respond to any call and conduct research using your affiliation with phfbd following due processes.
  • Solicit experience certificate or certificate of participation at different events organized by phfbd.
  • Organize and/or participate in study circles, journal clubs, etc.
  • Participate and present at different national and international seminars and conferences.
  • Develop a professional identity by working with high-profile public health professionals

Expectations from a Member (if applicable)

  • Regular active participation in the meetings
  • Involvement in any committee of interest
  • Active role in the designated committee
  • Contribution to fundraising activity
  • Active role in our social networks
  • Contribution to serving as a peer-reviewer for grants and research papers prepared by members
  • Effort and support to conduct training and education courses or workshops on public health issues
  • Contribution to serving on the ethical review committee
  • Support the editorial board of the SEAJPH journal
  • Active leadership role to organize annual public health routine programs

Cessation of Membership

In the case of:

  • Death, or becomes mentally unbalanced;
  • Resignation from membership of the Foundation;
  • He or she is expelled from the Foundation; or
  • Failure to renew membership of the Foundation.

Resignation of Membership

  • A member is not entitled to resign from membership of the Foundation until he has paid all amounts payable by the member to the Foundation. Then he may resign from membership of the Association by sending a written notice of resignation to the Chairperson and Executive Director.
  • When a person ceases to be a member, the Treasurer must remove the name of the member from the Register of Members.