About Us

Learn about our work and achievements.

Who We Are

Public Health Foundation, Bangladesh (PHFBD) is an independent, autonomous, non-political, and non-profitable organization led by a group of well-reputed, committed, and dedicated multidisciplinary professionals, including physicians, nurses, health academicians, health researchers, public health specialists, and allied health professionals from home and abroad.

It aims to make a positive change towards establishing a fairer, inclusive, more equitable, and healthier society by addressing immerging public health challenges through evidence-based actions, research, mobilizing required resources, and delivering people-centered health services.

PHFBD believes in “Working Together” to make a powerful and synergistic impact on wider ramified society. Therefore, it works closely in partnership with the government, non-government sectors, iNGOs, and other stakeholders, including the communities, and aspires to build a “Healthy Bangladesh.”

Vision and Mission


PHFBD envisions informed, empowered, and inclusive communities for a healthier future generation.


PHFBD’s mission is to engage key stakeholders, including the public and private sectors and broader communities for collaboration, innovation, capacity building, and evidence-based advocacy initiatives to influence the health and well-being of the general population..

Approach and Activities

As an impact-driven organization, whatever we do, we critically evaluate and follow for desired result(s). We always assess the need and urgency before commencing any initiative, and we jump into action when we see the clarity about the impact.

PHFBD’s mission and activities are aligned with the 21st Century’s public health needs and our country-specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, we have a wide range of activities, including the followings:


Since the birth of PHFBD, we have collaborated with a range of national, international, and private entities to maximize the impact of our actions. We have meaningful and long-term collaboration with international entities including the World Federation of Public Health Association (WFPHA), Public Health Literary (PHL), Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Nepal Public Health Foundation, International Citizens Project COVID-19 (ICPcovid) etc. In Bangladesh, we have a strong affiliation with some reputed academic and public health institutions – University of Dhaka, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS), State University of Bangladesh, American International University- Bangladesh, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College, Dhaka Bangladesh, IFMSA- Bangladesh, Medical Students’ Society (BMSS) etc..

Evidence-Based Advocacy

We create evidence and initiate discussion to influence the relevant policy and decision-makers. As example, we organize series of pre and post-budget discussions to enhance the national health budget allocation. During the COVID-19 crisis, we prepared several digital contents and circulated them nationally to make people aware of the coronavirus. In addition, we organize international conferences every year, webinars, seminars, workshops etc. on a regular basis to promote public health issues.

Capacity Building

Building and enhancing the capacity of potential young public health professionals is one of the core agendas of our mission. PHFBD provides training on basic and applied research methodology, epidemiology, teaching methods, mental health, health literary, career enrichment in the public health sector etc. Apart from this, PHFBD contributes to building and enhancing institutional capacity on a regular basis.

Knowledge Generation

Knowledge generation, documentation and dissemination are our core agenda. PHFBD has its own Southeast Asia Journal of Public Health (SEAJPH) and regularly publishes original research. We also publish a periodic Newsletter to update our ongoing activities and orient young public health professionals on public health issues. Most importantly, we have an Ethical Review Committee (ERC) that reviews the original research of the researchers and helps to publish articles.

Being an action –oriented and impact-driven organization, we prioritize pragmatic initiatives that deliver measurable and visible results, and we have the highest potential for scaling up. We always focus on tangible outcomes in our initiatives with a direct link with the policy.