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A 75-Year Journey toward Health for All: World Health Day 2023

Since its inception in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its member states have worked harmoniously to promote health, keep the world safe and aid the vulnerable so that everyone, everywhere, can attain the highest level of health and well-being.

Over the years, the organization has worked on various health concerns, ranging from mental health to maternal and childcare, pandemic response to chronic disease, preventive to curative strategy, health education to awareness, evidence generation to implementation, research, and so on. They have a highly devoted organizational structure that supports their goals globally, which may sometimes need to be reemphasized or strengthened despite giving the utmost effort to fulfil the goals.

Therefore, each year, the WHO focuses on a specific public health issue and makes it a theme of the World Health Day (WHD). World Health Day (WHD) which commemorates the anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) has always been observed by WHO and member nations on April 7 each year.

The day has served as a platform for governments, healthcare organizations, and individuals to come together to discuss and advocate for better health policies and practices around a shared theme/topic. Almost often, the discussion and advocacy run beyond the theme/topic and gives all the parties involved an opportunity to communicate and think about the problem regularly which fosters mutual understanding, better planning and execution.

In 2023, the WHO plans to celebrate their 75th anniversary year to look back on their activities, promised success and overall improvement of quality of human lives in the last seven decades. This year they set “Health for all: strengthening primary health care to build resilient health systems” as their theme.

It is anticipated that the day is an important day in the global health calendar, by providing a forum for individuals and organizations to interact, share information, and inspire action to tackle health challenges to achieve improved health outcomes and creating a healthier world for everyone today and tomorrow.

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